If Windows 10 keeps asking you for a product key for activation again and again, even if it’s enabled, you need to look at some points to fix the problem.

How to activate windows 10?

When you open Windows Settings > Update and security > Activation, you can see a message – Windows is enabled. But just below, you can see a activate Windows message with two buttons, one asking you to activate the copy of Windows 10 using the existing product key and the other asking you to change the product key. If you are faced with such a problem, continue reading this article.

Before you begin, be sure to have your Windows 10 product key handy. You can retrieve it by running the following command in a CMD.exe in Administrator mode:

wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey

Note: You can buy online if you don’t have a product cd-key. Some network retailers offer a small discount on Windows 10 (license key), but there is still the possibility of buying a cheap product key for windows 10 or get a free upgrade.

Windows 10 Pro Professional Key Global (32/64 Bit)

Windows 10 Pro Professional Key Global (32/64 Bit)

Now you can sue.

  • If you use the correct product key (32/64 Bit), click on the Activate button again. If you have another license key that you want to use, click Edit Product Key, enter the new one, and select Enable. Is the problem solved? If you see an error code, then this article will show you how to troubleshoot Windows 10 activation errors. If you see the same message, keep reading.
  • Uninstall the Product key. Then enter your product key and try to activate it again.
  • The Windows operating system tokens.dat file is a digitally signed file that stores most of the Windows activation files. Sometimes the tokens.dat file is corrupted and Windows activation cannot succeed. Rebuild the tokens. dat file, and then try activating Windows 10 again.
  • Then run Windows 10 activation troubleshooting and see if this fixes your problem. Troubleshooting Windows 10 activation will help you troubleshoot the most common activation issues on genuine Windows devices, including those caused by hardware changes.

Two methods for activation

  • Windows 10 can be enabled through two methods. The method of the product key, ie the process of validating the software with the manufacturer, and the brand new digital right. Now, if you’re logged in with a local account and you don’t have a Microsoft account, I suggest you create a new Microsoft account and use it to connect to your Windows 10 computer.
  • Now try to activate your copy of Windows 10. Chances are you’ll succeed and Windows will be enabled with a digital license message. The idea is to link your Windows license to your Microsoft account. That should make the problem go away. If you can’t, you can click the Troubleshooting button.
  • Finally, if you still experience this activation problem, you can activate Windows 10 over the phone. If not, contact Microsoft support and explain your situation. The Windows helper will check your Windows 10 product key, and give you an ID to activate Windows 10 on the new computer.

Help Link: Windows 10 Activation Errors List

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