Windows 10 is the most used operating system in the world in notebooks and PCs since 2018. With the updates it receives, the OS also gains little secrets and tricks that can activate some useful functions and often go unnoticed. Therefore, we have prepared a guide with five tips for you to use Windows 10.

They are very cool tricks that will help you in everyday tasks. In some cases, they will even prevent you from downloading additional programs for functions that Windows 10 itself already performs, for example, taking localized prints, recording the screen, among others. Below are some tips and tricks for using the Microsoft operating system.

Shake to minimize all screens

A very cool feature of Windows that few people know about is the ability to flip a window to minimize all open screens of the operating system.

Imagine that you have dozens of windows open and want to minimize everything at once, just click on the top of one, hold and shake it, moving it up and down.

“Secret” start bar

The Windows 10 start bar is already practical for opening recent programs, customizing productivity applications, entering system settings, among other things. However, it is also possible to open a “secret” window, which gives even more shortcuts to the user.

Just right-click on the start menu and options like command prompt, task manager, system settings, run, and many other options will be shown.

Taking screen print

Windows 10 has three different ways to print. The first one is for when the user wants to capture the entire screen, then just use the shortcut “Win ​​+ PrtScn”. The image taken will already be automatically saved in the “Captures” folder, which is located within “Images”.

The second way is to remove only the window that is open on your PC, just using the shortcut “Alt + PrtScn”. This way the capture is not saved automatically, but it will be in your collage area, the CTRL + V.

The third way is using the command “Win ​​+ Shift + S”, which gives the user a selection tool, so that he can choose exactly which location on the screen he wants to capture. Just like the previous form, the photo is recorded in the collage area, the CTRL + V.

Game bar

The game bar is a very useful resource for gamers because with a simple shortcut they have access to several cool functions. Just use the command “Win + G” to activate it, making it possible to record the screen, take prints, configure the audios of the connected devices and open programs, see the real-time monitoring of the computer, and even chat with friends of your own. Xbox or Steam account, which you can also link to.

Another positive point of this feature is the possibility to configure shortcuts to perform certain actions of the game bar, for example, start recording the screen, make a clip of the last 30 seconds, turn the microphone on and off, among other things.

Remove ads from the Start Menu

Microsoft places some ads “in disguise” on the Start Menu, indicating some productivity applications and others as recommended for the user. Although it is not at all exaggerated and incisive, many people do not want to receive these ads, so it is possible to disable them.

To do this, just follow the following path “Settings> System> Notifications” and, in the search bar, type “Show Suggestions occasionally in Start”. This will open the settings of the Start Menu, so you just have to disable the option “Show Suggestions occasionally on Start” and that’s it, no ads.

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