Is Windows 10 OEM Key under $30 Legal?

Recently I intend to install Windows 10 on a new computer, because the software to be used should be bound to the computer’s motherboard (should be the Windows 10 Key).

So I bought a ASUS UX305UA Laptop the day before yesterday, but I did not see Windows 10 key on the package box, so I e-mail to ASUS Technology Department, and received the following reply from ASUS:

The COA sticker or product key is no longer available because Microsoft has burned the product key to the BIOS for licensed use of the Windows operating system shipping notebook, and has used the Microsoft Volume label (Genuinmicrosoft Label) as the Certificate of Authenticity.

Therefore, if I want to replace the SSD or motherboard, I will not find the original product key. This means that I have to change the product key, and buy the Windows 10 software again. Then I searched in google and found there are lots of websites claims they supplies genuine Windows 10 Product Keys. The prices is from $10 to $50…

But what is the difference of the Win 10 Key on the internet? There are dozens of dollars, also hundred of dollars, what is the difference?

Finally I figure out that the different prices based on the type of the Key. Windows 10 OEM and Windows 10 Retail. The main different is OEM will be blond to the motherboard of your PC. I cannot be reused on another PC. While the Retail Key can be reused if you change the core hardware of your PC. so I do not dare to use the OEM Key of the puzzle.

Where To Get Windows 10 Retail Key Cheap?

A Product Key is like this one: VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T

If you’re building a brand new Windows OS or want to upgrade to Windows 10 on an older device, you’re going to need to buy a key from Don’t worry the price though, because we check the prices of Windows 10 Product Key every day to make sure you get the best deals.

List of Microsoft Windows 10 versions and Free Product Keys 2018

Windows 10 Editions Free Keys in 2018
Windows 10 Pro QQE9K-C9Q7Y-8FX7R-WQMB1-WV8B8
Windows 10 Pro Education 7K2KD-KEXHZ-65GP9-7A5A5-KC8F0
Windows 10 Enterprise OANKR-25LBW-GWP26-IXLHS-1VL7Y
Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB RIQV8-BLCI5-IMXZ3-HEY63-ZS0XI
Windows 10 Education 1PG35-80651-T0XI1-3VVR2-BZU49
Windows 10 IoT Core 8DLZI-9C1LZ-XVC1X-OQELE-B1TOE
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 1YYRA-SDVMB-L0X3K-8DQU9-IZYYG
Windows 10 S X5YBR-KT1YS-9379H-A0POA-U4BGW

If you have any question on how to choose product keys for your Windows system. Just read this post: How to Buy Windows 10 Product Key 2018. You will find the answer!

or view this video on youtube:

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