You want to buy Windows 10? And don’t know the different between Home and Pro? We show you how you can save a lot of money, for example after a PC purchase or hardware change.

You can either buy Windows 10 directly and spend over 100 euros on a license – or follow our tips and save yourself a lot of money. Windows 10 key 20$, Take advantage of the fact that Microsoft is giving all owners of PCs with valid Windows 7 or Windows 8 licenses an upgrade to Windows 10 by the end of July 2016. Ergo, you only need a valid license for one of the predecessor operating systems. We tell you what to look out for and where you are very favorable – over-mentioned detour – to an activatable and legal Windows 10.

In the marketplaces of Amazon and ebay, many sellers are swarming, for example, selling Windows 7 Pro as an OEM key for well under 20 euros. are kinguin windows keys legit, However, you may not always be sure to obtain a legal license key. Even if traders are able to provide many good ratings and with a German company address and other company information, they make a presumably reputable impression.

A guarantee would come with a certificate of authenticity. However, the shipping of such a provider often save themselves. windows 10 pro key purchase, Instead, they advertise to send keys within minutes after receipt of payment. A test purchase after a thorough check of evaluations, the imprint and more can be worthwhile, but safer drive with the following offers.

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Windows 10 Pro - 32/64 Bit ( Product Key + Download )

There are so-called Mar licenses of Windows 7 Professional. buy windows 10 pro key, These are used license keys that merchants send back to Microsoft – because they no longer need them, for example. Mar stands for “Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers”, corresponding offers come with the license key, an installation DVD and – most importantly – a COA, Certificate of Authenticity. With the latter you are always on the safe side for any problems.

In the following we have sought out two corresponding offers. On ebay, there is a Mar license for Windows 7 Professional as a 64-bit version in German with all the trimmings for 19.95 euros. Those who prefer to shop at Amazon as usual will find similar offers with Windows 7 Professional as a Mar version for around 30 euros.

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